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LITTLE GEM Algarve business directory                        Directorio de empressas Algarve

This handy Annual A5 booklet is now soon to be published in Portugal starting in the Algarve in 2017 and expanding into other areas of Portugal soon after,. The directory is a proper indexed directory  offering everyone the opprortunity to find local business and services  easily and quickly. It is free and distributed widely  throughout villages, towns and cities.



Free to everyone. It costs a fraction of the price you pay to advertise in a newspaper or magazine and is of course handy for all year round use in the home and workplace.  Indeed for many it becomes indispensable.Very low prices to place an entry and it really works. 

Its simple, easy to use, faster than searching the internet and becomes a part of the community. As one or our regulars said " silly not to place and entry really "

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